What to Expect from Hernia Repair in Jacksonville

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What to Expect from Hernia Repair in Jacksonville

If you are in need of hernia repair in Jacksonville, allow the experts at New Life Surgical Associates to help you.  We understand that seeking treatment for a hernia can be intimidating when you do not know what to expect.  Being educated on the process can help you approach surgery with more confidence.  That is why we encourage you to contact our office with any additional questions you may have.


It is important to choose the right surgeon because the success of your hernia repair in Jacksonville relies greatly on proper diagnosis.  Many people do not realize there is more than one type of hernia.  Our experts will focus on finding the root cause of your symptoms.  Some hernias require immediate treatment, and detection can be crucial.   Surgery becomes necessary when more conservative approaches do not yield satisfactory results.


The symptoms patients may experience vary.  Factors such as gender or the type of hernia can affect what symptoms are expressed.  Mild hernias are typical and may involve little or no pain.  Their presence can be less obvious than more serious hernias, such as a strangulated hernia, that can cause:

  • Vomiting
  • Fever
  • Sudden pain
  • Intensifying pain
  • Hernia bulge

Procedural Preparation and Recovery

There are a variety of things you will need to be prepared for in order to have a successful surgery and recovery.  Following your procedure, you will be limited in the activities you can perform for a set amount of time, so it is best to get what you need together beforehand. It is our goal to always provide our patients with the best care.  Following your surgery, it is important to follow the care instructions given to you in order to ensure the most positive recovery possible.

New Life Surgical Associates proudly provides quality hernia repair in Jacksonville, FL.  We welcome you to contact our office today to schedule an initial consultation and learn more.

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