Gastric Bypass in Jacksonville – Dieting After the Procedure

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Gastric Bypass in Jacksonville – Dieting After the Procedure

Gastric bypass in Jacksonville can be a lifesaving and life-altering procedure. Not only will you lose weight, but your quality of life will likely improve as well.  That said, your long-term success depends on undoing the unhealthy eating habits that you have developed over time.  Fortunately, the diet you must adhere to after surgery can jumpstart a new relationship with food.  At New Life Surgical Associates, we are proud to provide gastric bypass procedures in the Jacksonville area.  Following the right kind of diet afterward will help you make the most of your procedure long-term.

While your surgery and postoperative diet help to reset how you deal with food, the process is not always that easy. That said, in the beginning, there are certain things you cannot eat without risking your safety and health.  Such a powerful incentive can help tame some of the initial struggles you will face during the transition into a healthier lifestyle.

It will be necessary for you to follow a certain diet for a set amount of days prior to your procedure.  Not adhering to the diet can result in your gastric bypass surgery being delayed.  Following your procedure, you will need to adhere to a very strict diet as well.  Failing to do so could complicate your recovery and compromise your health.

One of the biggest mistakes gastric bypass patients can make is thinking that they can simply come in and get the procedure and then continue to live an unhealthy lifestyle afterward. This is simply unrealistic thinking. As such, good candidates for the procedure need to have realistic expectations and need to be willing to follow the dieting protocols before and after the operation.

For more information on gastric bypass, get in touch with the experts at New Life Surgical Associates in Jacksonville. Contact us today to book a consultation and learn more!

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