[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Our patients have wonderful stories about their experiences with weight loss surgery and how gaining control of your weight and health can change your life. Here are their success stories.

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My wife was in pain for a year. The surgeon who performed her first bariatric surgery really messed it up. What should have been 5 hour surgery was done in 2 hours. Dr. Sharma thoroughly explained every thing two me. She has been out of surgery for one week and is 95 percent pain free. She never felt this good after the first surgery. Dr. Sharma is a first class surgeon and has given my wife her quality of life back. Without him, who knows what would have happened. Thanks Dr. Sharma.

Eddie Yell

I have been a patient of Dr. Sharma since mid February. I followed all of his recommendations in order to be approved for the Sleeve Gastrectomy. I was approved and had my procedure mid June. I am only 3 weeks post-op and I can not begin to explain how much better I feel already. Dr. Sharma is one of the nicest people I have ever met, not to mention an amazing surgeon. He makes you feel 100% comfortable with everything you will endure and gives you the motivation to achieve your goals.

Jason B

I had RNY gastric bypass by another MD and had problems for almost a year. In the first visit he told me more than my surgeon did in a year. I required a revision done a week ago and never realized I could feel this good. For the first time I can eat without pain. I have to remind myself it has only been a week. I expected to feel worse than the first time, not 100% better, especially this soon after the surgery. If you are considering surgery, he is you man

Lorrie Y

I had the surgery in August and can't believe how much weight has come off, not only did Dr. Sharma did a fantastic job but I felt hardly no pain after surgery and even after going home. I can't wait until I get to the weight I should be at. Thank you Dr Sharma and I will recommend you to all my friends

Vicki Buckles

Everyone in the office was so nice and so helpful to me. I had no problem getting appointments quickly. Dr. Sharma was extremely qualified and I’d recommend him to anyone seeking a bariatric procedure.

Sandra Soliz

I was apprehensive about the hernia surgery, but it went well. Dr. Sharma is very competent, but I would have liked a little more explanation of the procedure. It seems like he was in and out of the room so quickly. But I would not have had the surgery if I didn’t have confidence in him. So all in all, the outcome was good.

Kathy Rakoczy

I moved to the area and was looking for a doctor to take over my follow up care from a previous procedure. Dr. Sharma had no issues with taking me as a new patient. Wonderful front office staff. Dr. Sharma was very pleasant and listened to my concerns.

Heidi O

Dr. Sharma and his staff are very good. They exceed the gold standard of Patient Care. I am so glad that I found him to do my surgery. I could not have asked for a better Healthcare team. He is very easy to talk to and very knowledgeable. I would recommend anyone to him.


I would highly recommend Dr. Sharma to my family and friends. I have complete trust in Dr. Sharma; his surgical skills, his effective communication skills and his care and compassion for the patient make him the only surgeon I will use.


After Schirmer has a unique combination in my experience at least of compassion knowledge ability and tact. He will work through any issues you have related to bariatric surgery or other may be affecting your results of the surgery. I highly recommend especially to older people on Social Security and Medicare because this is really a lifesaver for those of us over 65 who have had problems with obesity for many years and now might have problems with diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, and other.


Very personable and such an awesome Surgeon. He gave me back my life for sure.

Barbara Courtney

Dr Sharma saved my life. He performed surgery to resection my colon for acute Diverticulitis. When openining me up I was a mess...I had over 10 mini perforations and my colon adhered to most of my internal organs. Instead of putting a colon bag and cutting me wide open, he worked on me slowly throughout the day. Every Dr I spoke to afterwards told me they would have opened me up. I healed quickly and was back to normal in 9 days. 1 year later I am in the best shape of my life!

Ric Foxworth

Dr Sharma and his staff are top notch. They are very caring and work very hard to meet your needs. Dr Sharma did 2 surgeries for me and I always felt well cared for. I would highly recommend him and his staff! I am very grateful to have had such a GREAT surgeon!

Shannon Binek

I am very pleased with Dr. Sharma and his team. They’ve helped me through the Bariatric surgery to the point where I’m very happy with the outcome.

Jennifer Grant

Dr. Sharma is a great bariatric surgery my wife had her five-month follow up appointment with him today and he is still as nice as he was the day we met him off so he offered my wife one free treatment of the laser skin tightn dr. Sharma is a great bariatric surgeon my wife had her five month follow-up appointment with him today and he is still as nice as he was the day we met him also he offered my wife one free treatment of laser skin tightng . Great surgeon over all would highly recommend


Their has been something wrong with me ever since I had my gastric bypass surgery in 2005. I have been to several doctors and even had my gall bladder removed by one doctor. Dr. Sharma on the very first visit was able to diagnose and show me on an x-ray what I have been going through for 13 years. I believe that I have found the Dr. that really knows what is going on with me and he explained it all to me in terms that a layman can understand.

Frank Hyde

Wonderful experience with Dr. Sharma. He’s very personable and knowledgeable and made the entire experience a breeze. I highly recommend him.

Angela Whittinghill

I had a robotic Gastric Sleeve with Dr. Sharma and I could not be happier with the results. Dr. Sharma took the time to listen to my questions and concerns and he answered them thoroughly. I have not have any complications whatsoever and I have been able to stay on track with my weight loss using his program. He and his staff are incredible and I would recommend them to anyone. This has been a wonderful experience.


Dr Sharma has been my doctor since 2010. I only want Dr Sharma for any and all my surgeries. He knows my body and he is honest with me. He a doctor that listens to you. Sherry Harper

Sherry Harper

I was very please of the service I received from Dr. Sharma and his staff . I would recommend him to my friends and family . I also like how Dr. Sharma can help me with weight loss and hernia's .

Lori Mahon

When I first started this process I had diabetes, Hypothyroidism and PCOS. I had six miscarriages and three severely hard pregnancies. I couldn't run with my children or even play with them without being out of breath. Over ten years I had gained 100 pounds and on a 5 foot frame it's hard on the body. I started at 280 lbs. I now am on year out from my surgery and now weigh 181 lbs. Health is perfect. NO diabetes, thyroid is normal and am healthy. This surgery saved my life and my family.

Rebecca Shelton

I was referred to Dr. Sharma, to help me with my GERD and to also help me with my weight lost issues I was having. I started my journey back in February where I started with protein shakes, and other healthy foods. Then I did the whole program in 3 months lost the weight I needed too to have the weight loss surgery I needed, Dr. Sharma also helped me with my GERD which I found out I had a hiatal hernia. Which Dr. Sharma also repaired and took care of for me. I am very glad I was able to see him and his wonderful staff. I would recommend Dr. Sharma for any bariatric surgery you are considering having done!

GERD Patient

My name is Melinda Santos and I started my journey with Dr Sharma about 6 months ago. I had my sleeve surgery 11 days ago and it went great! Down 14 lbs!! Dr. Sharma and his staff was AMAZING through the whole process! Dr. Sharma's confidence made me feel like I was In the best hands I could possibly be in. His staff members, Tami, Christina, and Paulette made everything so easy! These 3 ladies are a true asset to Dr. Sharma. I appreciate all they have done for me! I love all of them!!!!

Melinda Santos

Excellent physician and staff! After consulting with another surgeon, I was convinced I needed another opinion. I found Dr. Sharma by reviewing reviews of experts in my area. I’m so glad I took the time to find him. I had a hernia repair and my gallbladder removed. Which Dr. Sharma removed using the DaVinicci robot. I now know this was much better than the other surgical options presented to me. He really is a skillful surgeon and my GERD that I had suffered with for years was gone after surgery. He drastically improved the quality of life for me. You want the best of the best working on your body. Go to Dr. Sharma and you will not be disappointed. Thank you Dr. Sharma and your amazing staff!

Lacey Chabot

My name is Debra Skinner and I started my journey with Dr Sharma 7 months ago. I had a billiary diversion surgery as well as a Large hernia repair in December. I have lost a total of 35 pounds. Dr. Sharma is also treating me for hormone replacement therapy which has been a life changer. Dr. Sharma and his staff are AMAZING! Dr. Sharma's confidence made me feel like I was In the best hands I could possibly be in. His staff members, Tami, Christina, and Paulette have made everything so easy! These 3 ladies are a true asset to Dr. Sharma. I appreciate all they have done for me! This has not only given me my life back, but has made my family much stronger. I cannot say enough good about Dr. Sharma. He is an amazing physician and just an all around great guy.

Debra Skinner

I have been with Dr. Sharma since May of 2018. He performed the sleeve. The surgery was a great success. I have lost almost 100 pounds. He also removed my gall bladder 10 months ago also with great success. I consider him my doctor now and will not go anywhere else for surgery. He is one of the best doctors that I have ever had. He explains everything well and answers all of my questions. He is kind and considerate as well as his office staff. I am so grateful that I him for a doctor.

Joann M. Gray