A message from Sunil K. Sharma, MD, Director of New Life Bariatrics:

Obesity is more than an inconvenience for individuals; it is a struggle for life. It is either a struggle for life in the direst sense because of the many medical problems it causes or is associated with, or it is a struggle for life and the quality that is often lacking because of the stigma of obesity. For many it is both.

I have spent the majority of my professional surgical career focusing on obesity and helping patients find their own way to a new and more fulfilling self. Surgery is not always the answer and for most it is a last resort to their lifelong battle with obesity. I believe in making sure that individuals are well informed and fully participate in the decision making process when surgery is involved. Patients have non-surgery options for weight loss and they should consider them all before any final decision to have surgery. I am of the opinion that it is my job is to show them the clinical efficacy of surgery, how surgery is a tool for them to lose weight and provide all patients’ support in follow up care to ensure that they manage and maintain a healthy weight throughout their life.

Surgery is not the easy way out. Many patients tell me that a loved one or friend believes that ‘they took the easy way out’. Surgery is far from that. You will work as hard with surgery as with any other diet or weight loss program you have previously undertaken. The difference for most is that the tool we provide is the jumpstart to success that is often missing in other sustained weight loss programs. You will be as successful as you allow yourself to be.

As you begin this journey to a healthier and newer you, I would be honored to be a part of it.