Common Questions About a Hernia in Jacksonville

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Common Questions About a Hernia in Jacksonville

Hernia in Jacksonville

Millions of Americans learn they have hernias every year. However, there are many common questions surrounding a hernia in Jacksonville. For instance, many people don’t know what a hernia is. You are warmly invited to learn more about this medical condition. Those who think they have a hernia should contact New Life Surgical Associates in Jacksonville as soon as possible.

Answering Common Questions Surrounding a Hernia

Hernias happen when an organ in the abdomen breaks through a weak part of the abdominal wall. The most common organs involved are the bladder, intestine and bowel. The abdominal wall may already be weak, and sudden pressure causes tissue to break through. The pressure can be caused by lifting heavy objects or coughing. Some people find out they have hernias and do not seek treatment. This can lead to a serious medical emergency.

What are the Types of Hernias?

A large percentage of cases involve inguinal hernias. Physicians find inguinal hernias in the area where the thigh meets the torso. These hernias may be direct or indirect. Indirect inguinal hernias occur when the hernial sac goes into the scrotum. Direct inguinal hernias occur in areas where the abdominal wall is thin. Direct inguinal hernias occur in older individuals whereas the indirect type can happen to one of any age.

Umbilical hernias happen when an opening in the abdominal wall does not close. Many babies are born with umbilical hernias, which close naturally in two to three years. Further, umbilical hernias develop later in life due to abdominal wall thinning. Incisional hernias can happen after abdominal surgery because the wall weakens.

What Causes a Hernia?

One of the most common questions surrounding a hernia in Jacksonville involves what causes it. There are several causes for a hernia including obesity, aging, heredity, pregnancy, lifting heavy objects and rigorous activity. Other factors include frequent straining during bowel movements and coughing because of heavy smoking and other lung conditions.

What are the Hernia Symptoms?

Many persons feel lumps in the abdominal area and suspect a hernia. Physicians find other hernias during regular office visits. Symptoms include a heavy feeling in the abdomen or groin. Sometimes, hernias cause discomfort during urination or bowel movements. Coughing and sneezing may trigger discomfort in the abdomen.

What Does Hernia Treatment Involve?

Some physicians may recommend watching and waiting if a patient has a small hernia. However, surgery may be required if a hernia is irreducible or the intestines are strangulated. Irreducible means the hernia cannot be pushed back inside. Strangulation occurs when the bowels lose their blood supply because of the hernia. The prospect of surgery leads to many common questions surrounding a hernia in Jacksonville.

Be Proactive

Hernias are common in the US, and patients need to be examined by a physician. Neglecting a hernia can lead to more serious medical issues. Be proactive about your health. Visit New Life Surgical Associates in Jacksonville for a hernia consultation. Contact us today to book your appointment and get started.

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