• Our patients have wonderful stories about their experiences with weight loss surgery and how gaining control of your weight and health can change your life. Here are their success stories.

    Robin, 51 year old Wife, Mother and Healthcare Professional: “My overweight controlled my life, countless diets and weight loss attempts failed, nothing worked. After I had my children the weight gain seemed to continue and while I tried diets, more exercise, I could simply not get myself back to a health weight. Before having bariatric surgery, I was severely obese, on multiple medications for diabetes and high blood pressure. I knew it was time to trust surgery was the only treatment for me. Dr. Sharma was amazing in how he treated so kindly. He explained severe obesity is a real disease and that while I tried many diets for many years bariatric surgery was the tool I need to help me battle my obesity and regain a healthy weight and life that I wanted for my family and myself. Dr. Sharma performed my surgery and today I liberated from excess weight and poor health. I am healthier, happier and in control of not only my weight but also more of my life.”

    Lisa, 44 year old Mother, wife and executive: “I used to think that throughout my adult life I accomplished most of what I set out to; with exception of significant weight gain year over years. Like many who have had bariatric surgery I have been on the yo-yo diet roller coaster and diet just would not work for me. I was always tired, took medication for high blood pressure and GERD (reflux disease.) Knowing that I could not manage my weight and honestly, my life by myself I realized it was time to make the decision to have weight loss surgery. Since having weight loss surgery I have returned to good health. I feel better; have so much more energy for my family. I wouldn’t change a thing except having surgery sooner to take back my life and give more of myself to my family.”

    Allison, 35-year-old Female: “I know what it’s like to be the ‘big girl’ since childhood. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard people say, both to my face and behind my back, how ‘pretty I would be if I only lost the weight.’ Well I have tried Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig even the Cabbage diet and nothing worked. My severe obesity took away good health and my attending social events. My decision to have bariatric surgery changed my life. I am healthy now and maintain my weight loss. Losing weight and gaining health has allowed me to not miss a thing now socially. After having surgery I live a much more fulfilling life. Dr. Sharma helped me improve my health and life. I am so thankful in so many ways.”

    39-year-old Male: “We have all heard the phrase that when you get older it’s harder to lose weight. Gosh were my parents and friends right. Without even realizing, I put on nearly 8-10 pounds a year since I finished college and over that time, I became severely obese. That is while I tried to eat right and work out. I found with obesity my energy was gone, I did not want to leave my home and I was beginning to have problems with hypertension and sleep apnea. After talking with my parents and many friends, I decided that the right way to take back my life, improve my health and manage my weight was going to include weight loss surgery. When I met Dr. Sharma, he told me I was a candidate for surgery. He also told me that surgery is a tool, or a way to jumpstart weight loss and I would have to manage my weight over the long-term. That is exactly what I needed, a way to jumpstart weight loss with a proven method not some other diet that I would fail with again. Since having bariatric surgery I have lost all of the weight Dr. Sharma suggested would be healthy. I am happy to say that while I lost weight, inches and the desire to stay inside of my house I have regained good health, returned to an active lifestyle and have been promoted at work. I am thankful to Dr. Sharma.”

    By – Anonymous
  • Since Dr. Sharma installed the dual balloons in my stomach December 30, I have been consistently losing weight, to a total of 24 pounds, some of it lost prior to the procedure.

    There is considerable prep work getting ready over a period of days and a 2-day recovery period afterward, during which I felt very weak and nauseous. I threw up over a dozen times, sometimes violently – the anti nausea medicine seemed to have little effect. I would say it is important not to work or schedule any events for 2 to 3 days after the procedure and certainly have someone with you for the first 24 hours.

    Surprisingly to me, the nausea passed suddenly. Within a matter of a few hours, I felt extremely well and have had no problems since. In fact, I had a plane across country scheduled a week after the procedure, and, despite my fears, I felt well enough to travel, tour and babysit. I was eating normal foods within a week.

    Now I am eating salads, vegetables and proteins about half what I would have normally eaten. I do not feel hungry and become full quickly; even a glass of water or juice will fill me between meals.

    Dr, Sharma is a good communicator and explains the procedure thoroughly. He and his team provide excellent follow up and support.

    Since I have four young grandchildren, I have long been feeling the need to become healthier and have more energy long term. I think that with the balloon procedure, and the support provided by Dr. Sharma and his team, I will be able to accomplish this.

    By – B N
  • I had RNY gastric bypass done by another physician 9/30/15. While I did lose weight I always had issues with discomfort in the left side. I thought it was just part of the surgery and would improve. I brought this to the attention of the surgeon who assured me it was fine. In January the pain got worse to the point of waking me from sleep every night and requiring narcotics for some control. I had pain with eating, nausea, vomiting The surgeon did an upper endoscopy. I had an ulcer. Great at least there was a reason. Started Prilosec and it got better for about 2 weeks then the pain started again. Another scope said there was nothing wrong. After 5 months of pain, not sleeping and being made to feel like I was drug seeking, They referred me to Dr Sharma. In his office the very first visit he told me what he thought was wrong and did a swallow study and confirmed part of the problem. A candy cane or blind pouch. He did another scope and showed me the pictures of the >10 cm blind pouch where half of what I ate just sat causing pain. This was never mentioned on the first 2 previous scopes. The ulcer that was still there. The hiatal hernia my surgeon knew about pre surgery and chose not to fix. The stricture never mentioned. The esophagitis that was never mentioned. We chose revision to correct the issues. He made certain I was aware of seriousness of the surgery and that this would be more involved than the first time. Surgery was done 8/18/16. It has been just a week. I never felt this well after the first surgery. I have to keep reminding myself that it has only been a week after surgery. I’m able to eat (still thick liquids at this point ) for the first time in almost a year without pain, heartburn or burping. I never expected to feel this well, let alone this soon. If you are considering surgery or revision this is the man you want to see. If you have questions I would be glad to talk to you contact his ofice and have them contact me. Did I mention I was a nurse?…

    By – L Y
  • I had my initial visit with Dr Sharma today, and his Nutrionist Jody. I have never felt so at home so quickly. I am unsure what my new journey brings but I am absolutely certain they are behind me 100%. Dr Sharma is so caring and it comes across that he does this because he loves his work and wants to help. If you’re looking for a weight loss solution, start here!

    By – J D
  • I can’t even talk about just one thing that awesome Doctor did for me, my life has changed in a big way. I had the sleeve in august and lost 75lbs and after surgery there was no pain at all, the more weight I lose the better I feel, I can walk 7 miles without shortness of breath,clothes hang on me so now I donate all those so I can get new ones and my biggest pain was my back I’ve gotten that under more manageable. Thank You so much for a new me.

    By – V B
  • My declaration is quite similar to the 2 previous testimonies. After many-many years of obesity, I was approved by the VA to have weight-loss surgery a couple years ago but chickened out primarily because of a previous negative experience with an unrelated elective surgery. But eventually, after being refused for back surgery because I was “morbidly obese,” I reconsidered weight-loss surgery and was referred to Dr. Sharma.

    Dr. Sharma performed the gastric sleeve surgery on me 2 months ago – and it has literally changed my life! My entire outlook, my perspective, self-esteem, energy and activity level has literally sky rocketed. I have been doing moderate exercise to maintain muscle tone but my eating and even food bill has dropped dramatically. I now eat less than ¼ of what I was eating – surprisingly because I didn’t think I could survive on so little food but I eat much smarter now. The grits and bacon has been replaced with a protein shake for breakfast and the big evening meals has been replaced with a small child’s plate.

    The results – I’ve dropped from 308 lbs to 245lbs! That’s 63 pounds in 2 months, and still dropping towards my 20-year goal of 210 lbs – obviously achievable now thanks to Dr. Sharma. I actually got on a roller coaster last week for the first time in 15 years – I just couldn’t fit before. The pros are unreal – off the charts satisfaction even if my weight loss stopped today – can you imagine losing a 63-pound backpack that I’ve carried for 20+ years…

    The cons – there are a few… I must eat slower. Being retired Navy, I’m used to woofing down my food and rolling – but now I must eat slow, put my fork down between bites and actually enjoy what I am eating. I can eat anything I want, in moderation. I have thrown up once because I ate too much too fast, but I learn quickly! The surgery also required a modified liquid/soft solids diet for the first month.

    But back to the pros – practically too many to cover in detail but:

    • Absolutely no complications and very little pain, with no pain whatsoever after day 2. I’ve yet to even complete taking the liquid pain med – stopped after the first week or so.
    • My diabetes is Gone!! No more Metformin or Glipizide. Dr. Sharma will have to explain how that happened so quickly but no diabetic injections since the surgery.
    • I’m single, and the bottom has dropped out of my restaurant/food bill – $100/week has dropped to $25/week because one take-home leftovers lasts!
    • My back pain is steadily decreasing – I doubt I’ll even need that back surgery now that I’m losing the pregnant belly. And my sciatica hasn’t kept me awake for weeks now.
    • I do believe my sleep apnea has also subsided because I sleep so much better now.
    • I have a whole new wardrobe – all the stuff that was too small is either fitting me now or too big already.
    • Self-esteem, energy, activity level is off the charts.

    I must say, despite my overwhelming reluctance – I would do this again in a heartbeat… it has truly changed my life – already!

    Thanks to Dr. Sharma and his wonderful staff!!

    By – S W
  • I will start by saying “Thank You God” for doctors like Dr. Sharma, I am lost for words on describing how I feel. At first I was rejected by 2 doctors that said I was not a candidate for the gastric sleeve due to me not looking over weight. But yet my BMI was 36 and two comorbidities;(High Blood Pressure and Type 2 Diabetes). After researching and contacting the office New Life via online, I received a call from Dr. Sharma himself. He answered all of my questions and concerns regarding the bariatric sleeve with confidence. After meeting him in person, I felt that he and his staff was beyond professional, courteous and very knowledgeable. His off had little to no wait times, I was seen at my appointment time or waited no more than 10 minutes. I would like to thank Dr. Sharma of New Life Bariatrics, he has changed my life. 2 weeks post-surgery, I am 18lbs slimmer and taking only ¼ of the medications I was on before surgery, I have my life back and all thanks to DR. Sunil K. Sharma. May the Almighty God continue to guide you and use you for so many more people who’s out there searching for hope. May God direct more people your way so they may gain a new healthier life style after they are seen and treated by you.

    By – K H
  • I am a patient of Dr. Sharma and have been since mid February. I followed all of his recommendations to be able to be approved for the sleeve gastrectomy. I had the procedure mid June and am now three weeks post-op. I can’t begin to explain how much better I feel in just 3 weeks. I have lost quit a bit of weight in that short span of time. I can assure you that making the decision to chose this practice will be the best decision you have ever made. Dr. Sharma and his staff are some of the nicest people I have ever met. They are professional and friendly and make you feel comfortable for the entire time you are going trough this procedure.

    By – J B

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