Important Facts to Know About Bariatric Surgery in Jacksonville

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Important Facts to Know About Bariatric Surgery in Jacksonville

Bariatric Surgery Jacksonville Florida

Food is an addiction just like drugs and alcohol. A food addict gains huge amounts of weight, which isn’t healthy. They’re putting themselves in danger for contracting diabetes or heart disease. Obese patients often complain of painful joints. That’s because the joints can only support so much weight. It may be time to consider bariatric surgery in Jacksonville.

What is Bariatric Surgery?

Bariatric surgeries are procedures that manipulate the stomach to help patients eat less. There are several surgeries, and the physician can choose what is best for the patient. Most bariatric surgeries are done laparoscopically using small, thin instruments. Further, a camera is inserted so images are projected on a screen.

Are You a Candidate for Bariatric Surgery?

Candidates for bariatric surgery in Jacksonville must be overweight. Further, candidates may have obesity-related health problem. Candidates must also show they failed at losing weight through diet and exercise.

Gastric Band Procedure

The gastric band is popular because it’s adjustable. A ring with an inflatable band is placed around the top of the stomach. The result is a small pouch that won’t allow you to eat much. The band contains a balloon that the surgeon fills with saline. The amount of saline can be increased or reduced to adjust the size of the balloon.

Gastric Sleeve Procedure

Surgeons remove most of the stomach during this type of bariatric surgery in Jacksonville. Individuals lose weight because they feel fuller sooner. Indeed, they may get sick if they eat more.

Gastric Bypass Procedure

The surgeon makes the top portion of the stomach into a pouch. Later, the surgeon manipulates the small intestines and attaches the part to the pouch. Hence, food bypasses most of the stomach and it absorbs fewer calories. In addition, the patient is not able to eat a lot.

What to Expect

Bariatric surgery in Jacksonville always begins with a consultation at our office. Many health complaints disappear as the weight drops off. You’ll likely be able to do more walking, and as a result, the numbers on the scale will start to fall. Falling numbers include blood pressure and glucose readings. Patients see improvement with issues like sleep apnea and fatty liver. Further, there’ll be less pressure on the knees and other body parts.

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Side effects from obesity-related health conditions are awful. For instance, diabetes may cause blindness, heart problems, kidney failure, and amputation. Why risk this when it can be avoided with bariatric surgery in Jacksonville? Consult our doctor at New Life Surgical Associates in Jacksonville to get more information. Contact our office today and book your appointment!

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