5 Bariatric Surgery Benefits Besides Helping You Lose Weight

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January 6, 2020
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Bariatric surgery goes beyond just the physical spectrum of weight loss – Jacksonville FL.
July 21, 2020

The term bariatric surgery refers to a medical procedures performed  on your digestive system. It is a true fact that the bariatric surgeries provide significant weight loss over the  long term. There are many types of bariatric surgeries under this class, namely sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass and biliopancreatic diversion.

Surprisingly, weight loss is not the only benefit of bariatric surgery. The medical benefits of weight loss surgery are enormous and in fact weight loss may be just an additional bonus.  Here are some of the top benefits of bariatric surgery apart from the apparent weight loss.

1. Long-term remission for type-2 diabetes

Type-2 diabetes is one of the life-turning medical conditions that most of the people have to live with it. However, best hospitals for bariatric surgery in Jacksonville Florida assures you that with bariatric surgery, there is a very high chance that your diabetes may be cured. This means that your sugar will be under control without the use of insulin or oral medications. In fact, these dramatic changes may happen almost immediately after the surgery.

Improved cardiovascular health

It is a simple understanding that the reduction in weight will lead to better cardiac health. Also, Newlife surgical associates and  the best bariatric surgery center in Jacksonville Florida assures that with successful bariatric surgery, you can reduce the blood pressure eliminating the need for medications and have a healthy cholesterol level. This in turn reduces the risk of coronary heart diseases and helps in congestive heart failure..

2. Joint pain relief

There are numerous reasons for joint pain. The excessive weight can be taxing to your spine and joints and can lead to back pain and joint pain. However, after successful weight loss following bariatric surgery you can become pain free from your backache and knee pain. Most people can stop being dependent on pain medication and will gain independence for mobility.

3. Changes in Quality of Life and Psychological Status with Surgery

In addition to improvements in health and longevity, surgical weight-loss improves overall quality of life. Measures of quality of life that are positively affected by bariatric surgery include physical functions such as mobility, self-esteem, work, social interactions, and sexual function. Singlehood is significantly reduced, as is unemployment and disability.

4. Relief of depression

Depression and obesity go hand-in-hand. Depression leads to emotional eating, which leads to weight gain, leading to social isolation. Social isolation is one of the primary reasons for depression, especially in teenagers and young people. This vicious circle of cause-and-effect leads to an avalanche effect. With the help of the best weight loss surgeon in Jacksonville Florida, one can get a healthy weight; avoid becoming a victim of social stigma. A healthy mind is essential for a happier life.

5. Eliminate obstructive sleep apnea

Weight gain is a leading cause of sleep apnea which can be a life threatening condition. Severe cases of sleep apnea lead to inability to sleep and being tired and drowsy during the day time and also the need for  CPAP machine. Sustaining a healthier weight can be a cure for sleep apnea. In most instances, a considerable amount of weight loss after can lead to cure of symptoms permanently. Successful bariatric surgery can help you achieve that state.


Decision-making is a critical aspect of good surgical care, and this principle is particularly important in bariatric surgery. Adequate communication of information to patients is essential in order to facilitate optimal uptake of bariatric surgery and choice of the most suitable procedure. Experienced surgeon at Newlife surgical associates and  the best bariatric surgery center in Jacksonville Florida  can determine the risk-benefit of the bariatric surgery as well as optimize the medical condition for each candidate. This makes the surgery safer faster and with the least complications.

With the best surgeon in town, you can be sure that the risk of bariatric surgery is no more than a routine gallbladder surgery. If you looking for a reliable, professional  experienced doctor to discuss the surgery and its suitability for your medical issues? Visit New Life Surgical Associates and have a complete discussion with specialists.

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