All You Need to Know About Obesity in Jacksonville

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All You Need to Know About Obesity in Jacksonville

Obesity in Jacksonville Florida

Obesity is a prevalent problem in society, with over two-thirds of America’s adult population falling into its grasp. Obesity in Jacksonville is no mystery, as it affects all of America and the world’s population.

What is It?

To be categorized as obese, a person must have a calculated body mass of over 30. The Body Mass Index is currently used to determine body mass. So, what determines body mass? The BMI is calculated by dividing the weight by the square root of the height to get the index number.

There are three tiers of obesity on the index:

  • Moderate: 30-35
  • Severe: 35-40
  • Very Severe: 40+

Obesity can affect dozens of aspects of a person’s life, including their job, social life, and romantic life. Being obese typically takes a toll on self-esteem as well, which can ultimately lead to mental illnesses like depression and anxiety.

How Does Obesity Affect the Body?

It is linked to over a third of cancer-related deaths in America and is linked to over sixty diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, and breathing issues like asthma and sleep apnea. Upon autopsy of a deceased obese individual, thick layers of fat can be seen around the organs without a microscope or other assisted vision.

How Prevalent is the Condition in Jacksonville?

Obesity in Florida, not just obesity in Jacksonville, is found more in children. Though the state ranks on the lower half of the list for adult rates, it ranks as the fourth worst for child obesity in America.

What are Some Treatment Options?

There are dozens of ways to assess and treat individual client cases. Medical weight loss treatment is one solution. For more severe cases, weight loss surgery may be the best option.

You can contact New Life Surgical Associates in Jacksonville to learn about the various ways that we treat the condition. We are here to help you. Contact us today to book a consultation and learn more.

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