I had RNY gastric bypass done by another physician 9/30/15. While I did lose weight I always had issues with discomfort in the left side. I thought it was just part of the surgery and would improve. I brought this to the attention of the surgeon who assured me it was fine. In January the pain got worse to the point of waking me from sleep every night and requiring narcotics for some control. I had pain with eating, nausea, vomiting The surgeon did an upper endoscopy. I had an ulcer. Great at least there was a reason. Started Prilosec and it got better for about 2 weeks then the pain started again. Another scope said there was nothing wrong. After 5 months of pain, not sleeping and being made to feel like I was drug seeking, They referred me to Dr Sharma. In his office the very first visit he told me what he thought was wrong and did a swallow study and confirmed part of the problem. A candy cane or blind pouch. He did another scope and showed me the pictures of the >10 cm blind pouch where half of what I ate just sat causing pain. This was never mentioned on the first 2 previous scopes. The ulcer that was still there. The hiatal hernia my surgeon knew about pre surgery and chose not to fix. The stricture never mentioned. The esophagitis that was never mentioned. We chose revision to correct the issues. He made certain I was aware of seriousness of the surgery and that this would be more involved than the first time. Surgery was done 8/18/16. It has been just a week. I never felt this well after the first surgery. I have to keep reminding myself that it has only been a week after surgery. I’m able to eat (still thick liquids at this point ) for the first time in almost a year without pain, heartburn or burping. I never expected to feel this well, let alone this soon. If you are considering surgery or revision this is the man you want to see. If you have questions I would be glad to talk to you contact his ofice and have them contact me. Did I mention I was a nurse?…

- L Y

I had my initial visit with Dr Sharma today, and his Nutrionist Jody. I have never felt so at home so quickly. I am unsure what my new journey brings but I am absolutely certain they are behind me 100%. Dr Sharma is so caring and it comes across that he does this because he loves his work and wants to help. If you’re looking for a weight loss solution, start here!

- J D

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