Patient Stories of Success

Our patients have wonderful stories about their experiences with weight loss surgery and how gaining control of your weight and health can change your life. Here are their success stories.

Robin, 51 year old Wife, Mother and Healthcare Professional: “My overweight controlled my life, countless diets and weight loss attempts failed, nothing worked. After I had my children the weight gain seemed to continue and while I tried diets, more exercise, I could simply not get myself back to a health weight. Before having bariatric surgery, I was severely obese, on multiple medications for diabetes and high blood pressure. I knew it was time to trust surgery was the only treatment for me. Dr. Sharma was amazing in how he treated so kindly. He explained severe obesity is a real disease and that while I tried many diets for many years bariatric surgery was the tool I need to help me battle my obesity and regain a healthy weight and life that I wanted for my family and myself. Dr. Sharma performed my surgery and today I liberated from excess weight and poor health. I am healthier, happier and in control of not only my weight but also more of my life.”

Lisa, 44 year old Mother, wife and executive: “I used to think that throughout my adult life I accomplished most of what I set out to; with exception of significant weight gain year over years. Like many who have had bariatric surgery I have been on the yo-yo diet roller coaster and diet just would not work for me. I was always tired, took medication for high blood pressure and GERD (reflux disease.) Knowing that I could not manage my weight and honestly, my life by myself I realized it was time to make the decision to have weight loss surgery. Since having weight loss surgery I have returned to good health. I feel better; have so much more energy for my family. I wouldn’t change a thing except having surgery sooner to take back my life and give more of myself to my family.”

Allison, 35-year-old Female: “I know what it’s like to be the ‘big girl’ since childhood. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard people say, both to my face and behind my back, how ‘pretty I would be if I only lost the weight.’ Well I have tried Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig even the Cabbage diet and nothing worked. My severe obesity took away good health and my attending social events. My decision to have bariatric surgery changed my life. I am healthy now and maintain my weight loss. Losing weight and gaining health has allowed me to not miss a thing now socially. After having surgery I live a much more fulfilling life. Dr. Sharma helped me improve my health and life. I am so thankful in so many ways.”

39-year-old Male: “We have all heard the phrase that when you get older it’s harder to lose weight. Gosh were my parents and friends right. Without even realizing, I put on nearly 8-10 pounds a year since I finished college and over that time, I became severely obese. That is while I tried to eat right and work out. I found with obesity my energy was gone, I did not want to leave my home and I was beginning to have problems with hypertension and sleep apnea. After talking with my parents and many friends, I decided that the right way to take back my life, improve my health and manage my weight was going to include weight loss surgery. When I met Dr. Sharma, he told me I was a candidate for surgery. He also told me that surgery is a tool, or a way to jumpstart weight loss and I would have to manage my weight over the long-term. That is exactly what I needed, a way to jumpstart weight loss with a proven method not some other diet that I would fail with again. Since having bariatric surgery I have lost all of the weight Dr. Sharma suggested would be healthy. I am happy to say that while I lost weight, inches and the desire to stay inside of my house I have regained good health, returned to an active lifestyle and have been promoted at work. I am thankful to Dr. Sharma.”

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