Since Dr. Sharma installed the dual balloons in my stomach December 30, I have been consistently losing weight, to a total of 24 pounds, some of it lost prior to the procedure.

There is considerable prep work getting ready over a period of days and a 2-day recovery period afterward, during which I felt very weak and nauseous. I threw up over a dozen times, sometimes violently – the anti nausea medicine seemed to have little effect. I would say it is important not to work or schedule any events for 2 to 3 days after the procedure and certainly have someone with you for the first 24 hours.

Surprisingly to me, the nausea passed suddenly. Within a matter of a few hours, I felt extremely well and have had no problems since. In fact, I had a plane across country scheduled a week after the procedure, and, despite my fears, I felt well enough to travel, tour and babysit. I was eating normal foods within a week.

Now I am eating salads, vegetables and proteins about half what I would have normally eaten. I do not feel hungry and become full quickly; even a glass of water or juice will fill me between meals.

Dr, Sharma is a good communicator and explains the procedure thoroughly. He and his team provide excellent follow up and support.

Since I have four young grandchildren, I have long been feeling the need to become healthier and have more energy long term. I think that with the balloon procedure, and the support provided by Dr. Sharma and his team, I will be able to accomplish this.


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